Bitcoin Carnivory is devoted to providing the highest quality meats and the highest quality asset. 

The butcher is now at your door, and Bitcoin buying is now at your fingertips. 

Based in New Orleans, all meats are supplied by the same company that supplies the top restaurants in the city like Commander's Palace and the Besh Restaurant Group. 

Take control of your life by eating high quality protein and take control of your finances by buying Bitcoin.

Contact: BitcoinCarnivory@gmail.com

"If Bitcoin is the money of the future, is carnivory the diet of the future?

Yes. There is currently a massive strain on the economy because of healthcare costs, much of which could be avoided if people were not consuming the foods that make them sick. The anecdotal results of all-meat diets are so astounding that scientists will no longer be able to ignore it. Eating only meat should become standard treatment for many metabolic and autoimmune disorders, so called diseases of civilization. It’s low-cost and effective compared to the insane costs brought on by the Kafkaesque bureaucracy of the medical establishment. Bitcoin’s perfectly sound monetary policy will bring major growth to the world’s economy such that we can afford to produce even more high quality meat for everyone."

-@Bitstein, Michael Goldstein

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